The new Community Building Standard is all about building it right This means ensuring major projects that are delivered across Canada are focused on three core principles – a commitment to safety and quality, investing in trades and apprenticeships, and leaving a positive community legacy.

The Community Building Standard has been initiated across Canada by: Labourers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA), Canadian Piping Trades, Teamsters Canada, and the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE).

A Commitment to Safety and Quality

Community Building Standard means ensuring all infrastructure projects are built to the highest environmental standards so that future generations feel a sense of pride knowing that they are protected from any risk. We do not want to put our natural environment at risk by employing unqualified, poorly trained workers to build critical infrastructure for our future generations.

Investing in Trades and Apprenticeships

The new Community Building Standard ensures that infrastructure projects put the public first and serve the needs of our communities with jobs and local benefits. This means public construction projects that use certified tradespeople, train apprentices, hire locally and bring indigenous people, youth and women into the construction workforce.

When local hiring and apprentice training is a priority, communities are stronger. Stable, family-supporting jobs and a diverse population of skilled workers trained in safe and environmentally responsible construction practices are always the best solution to meet the needs of industry and communities.

Leaving a Positive Community Legacy

The new Community Building Standard delivers ongoing benefits to each community where we live and work. Communities are stronger when they are able to participate directly in the economy and contribute to the well-being of their local suppliers and services. We will work with community service groups, teams, associations and individuals to ensure our work delivers a legacy that makes a long-term difference to each community where we have a presence.

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Every year, over 3,500 Canadians die by suicide and it is reported by the World Health Organization (2014 report), that over 800,000 people a year commit suicide globally, and is reported as the second leading cause of death among 15 – 44 year olds.


Studies show that up to 90% of people who take their own lives have depression, substance use problems or another mental illness—whether diagnosed or not—at the time of their suicide.

In British Columbia, the average age of individuals who die by suicide is 47. In Canada, there are three male suicides for every female death by suicide. However, women are more likely than men to attempt to take their own life.

Most individuals who attempt suicide are doing so in an attempt to escape pain, turmoil, or mental anguish and do not necessarily want to die. Often, individuals with undiagnosed mental issues including depression have gone undiagnosed which can lead to suicidal attempts.

Suicide rates are increasing every year, 60% in that last 45 years. With no biases, there are over 500 suicides in Canada per year. These statistics, alarming, are even more so, since it is estimated that there are approximately 20 times more attempted suicides.

 Often individuals are suffering in silence, symptoms may go unnoticed by those closest. That is why we need to have these discussions.


The new Canada Suicide Prevention Service (CSPS) enables callers anywhere in Canada to access crisis support using the technology of their choice (phone, text or chat), in French or English:

Phone: toll-free 1-833-456-4566
Text: 45645

KidsHelpPhone Ages 20 Years and Under in Canada 1-800-668-6868
First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness 24/7 Help Line 1-855-242-3310
Canadian Indian Residential Schools Crisis Line 1-866-925-4419
Trans LifeLine – All Ages 1-877-330-6366





Local 1611 is excited to welcome our newest group of members,from VersaCold Logistic Services. We welcome VersaCold to our organization, and look forward to working and building an amicable relationship with the VersaCold Logistic Services team.  

VersaCold, Logistic Services first opened in 1946, in British Columbia, as B.C. Ice & Cold Storage Co. By the 1990’s VersaCold had expanded out east and had a stronghold in Western North America, with facilities in B.C., Alberta and Washington. VersaCold continued to expand globally. In 2010, the offshore operations were sold and focus was redirected to expand the market in North America. Today, VersaCold is the largest temperature sensitive logistics network in Canada, with 31 temperature controlled warehouses and distribution centres. A fleet of trucks prove local, regional, national and international transportation across Canada and the United States. VersaCold has developed a reputation across North America for exceptional customer service and technological innovation focused on the handling of temperature sensitive products.





This Program is available to ALL Local 1611 members and their family.

The Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) is an off-site, confidential, voluntary, short-term counselling service. It has an Advisory Committee comprised of equal healthcare union and management representatives who provide guidance and support around the administration of the program, and ensure that standards of quality and confidentiality are met.


EFAP provides assessment, short-term counselling, referral, case management, and follow-up services, which also include the following;

Assistance to strategize ways to achieve work and life balance and provides the tools necessary to resolve personal and work-related concerns. With client consent, EFMP guide members to coordinate services, support return to work, and facilitate resources with doctors, insurance companies, disability management programs, labour relations, and/or human resources (HR) by providing supportive emotional coaching.

For those who feel they do not require counselling services, EFAP offers goal based one-to-one supportive coaching to manage personal and workplace issues.
We will always maintain a neutral position throughout the process. Staff may confidentially engage our emotional coaching through referrals that may have been initiated or encouraged by their manager, supervisor, union steward, or HR department. We also provide support to leaders who are working through difficult situations.

The Parent Coach provides tools to improve parenting skills and effective strategies to help manage challenging situations with children of all ages. Benefits include reduced parent stress, improved parent-child relationships, and increased awareness of appropriate community resources.

Certified health coaches motivate and empower individuals to embrace a holistic wellness philosophy, utilizing registered dietitians, fitness and life coaches, meditation, yoga, and mindfulness based stress reduction tactics. Benefits can include weight loss, increased energy and improved self-confidence.

This service provides support and guidance to assist individuals in managing the challenges that arise from caring for an aging parent. Services include assessment and care planning, education to help understand the progression of diseases that can occur during the aging process, and support to help individuals cope with feelings of grief, loss, and guilt.


With the fentanyl crisis showing no signs of slowing down and the construction sector notoriously plagued with addiction and mental health issues, we want our members to know there are options available.

The Construction Industry Rehab Plan’, is a benefit available to LiUNA Local 1611 members and their families. The plan is available at no additional cost, for anyone who is struggling with issues around Mental Health and/or Addiction. Although the plan is provided to you as part of your benefits, it operates as an independent organization to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

In 2016 the plan underwent an extensive redesign and expansion, bringing the treatment program up-to-date, grounded in solid scientific and evidence based practices. All clinical staff are trained mental health and addiction specialists with a minimum of a Masters Degree, with backgrounds in Psychology and Social Work. They provide CONFIDENTIAL and specialized services in:

  • Trauma counselling
  • Mental health screening
  • Mental health assessments
  • Mental health coaching
  • Skype counselling for those ‘out of area’
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family counselling
  • Psychoeducational workshops
  • Training for staff within the industry
  • Referrals to residential treatment programs

If you or a loved one are struggling… 

CALL 604 521-8611 /toll free 1 888-521-8611.

For further information on the C.I.R.P. check out


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