With the fentanyl crisis showing no signs of slowing down, and with the construction sector notoriously plagued with addiction and mental health issues, we want our members to know there are options available.

The Construction Industry Rehab Plan’, is a benefit available to LiUNA Local 1611 members and their families. The plan is available at no additional cost, for anyone who is struggling with issues around Mental Health and/or Addiction. Although the plan is provided to you as part of your benefits, it operates as an independent organization to ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

In 2016 the plan underwent an extensive redesign and expansion, bringing the treatment program up-to-date, grounded in solid scientific and evidence based practices. All clinical staff are trained mental health and addiction specialists with a minimum of a Masters Degree, with backgrounds in Psychology and Social Work. They provide CONFIDENTIAL and specialized services in:

Trauma counselling
Mental health screening
Mental health assessments
Mental health coaching
Skype counselling for those ‘out of area’
Relapse prevention
Family counselling
Psychoeducational workshops
Training for staff within the industry
Referrals to residential treatment programs

If you or a loved one are struggling…
CALL 604 521-8611 /toll free 1 888-521-8611.

For further information on the C.I.R.P. check out


The Red Seal is an inter-provincial ticket recognized across Canada. The program covers a broad scope of knowledge which Labourers traditionally perform in the field. The scope is comprised of 17% Occupational Skills, 17% Site Work, 14% Scaffolding and Access Equipment, 20% Concrete Work, 10% Masonry Work, 12% Utilities and Pipeline, and 10% Roadwork.
Challenge the Red Seal Exam

The requirements that must be met in order to apply to Challenge the Red Seal exam are a minimum of 6,000 field hours performing work within the scope of the Construction Craft Worker (CCW) as above. An employer can sign off on the work an individual has performed while under their employ on an Industry Training Authority (ITA) Employer Declaration Form. This form also requires the dates of employment and the hours worked. A minimum of 70% of the CCW scope is required along with the minimum of 6,000 field hours for an applicant to be successful. There is a $120 application fee which currently the Union will cover on behalf of our Members in good standing for those who qualify to challenge the Red Seal exam. There are 100 questions on the multiple choice Red Seal exam and a minimum of 70% is required in order to pass. Any fees attached to “rewrites” will be the responsibility of the individual. There are 8 colleges including the CSWTS that are provisional designated training facilities in BC. We are the ONLY training facility that provides a 4 day Upgrade program with exam. Attendance of this Upgrade program increases a successful outcome of the exam dramatically!
Red Seal Apprenticeships

For those with less hours of field experience there are two levels of Apprenticeship programs with a 4 week technical training (Monday to Friday) in each level. The course is comprised of both classroom and practical hands on training covering every scope of the CCW. There is an exam at the end of the program and a 70% overall grade is required to pass. The exam written at the end of Level Two Technical Training is the Interprovincial Red Seal Exam. Apprentices are given time and a half credit for Technical Training. Therefore, one can achieve journeyman status with recommendation at 4,000 hours. Keep in mind Apprentices must also have field experience of 70% of the Construction Craft Worker scope. Apprentices are required to have Employer Declaration forms completed by the employer to verify that the 70% CCW scope has been fulfilled.

The Construction & Specialized Workers Training Society (CSWTS) is the Sponsor for all Apprentices of Local 1611 members that are in good standing. At this time, a person who has over 2,000 hours cannot challenge the Level One Apprenticeship exam and accelerate into Level Two. Both Level One and Two Technical Training must be completed.

Another option available for a person who is registered as a Level One Apprentice is to withdraw from the Apprenticeship and apply to challenge the Red Seal once they’ve achieved 6,000 CCW work related field hours and are confident an employer can verify the required scope of knowledge on the Employer Declaration Form.

The paperwork submitted to the ITA to register an apprenticeship can take up to 10 business days for the ITA to process and the Red Seal Challenge applications can take approximately 6 to 8 weeks. Once an apprentice is registered they are required to take Technical Training within a year or their registration becomes dormant and they must re-register. A successful Red Seal Challenge applicant must also write the exam within a year from application or the process must be repeated and the fee attached will be the responsibility of that individual.

There are also apprenticeship incentive and completion grants available. More information is available on the Service Canada website. The training in the Apprenticeship levels is a benefit to both employers and our members. The Red Seal gives recognition to our trade and has been a long time in the making.

We encourage all of our members to participate and register with us for Apprenticeship programs or Upgrade programs for the Red Seal Certification.

We are more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. There is additional information available online at under the Construction Craft Worker tab.

WANT MORE INFORMATION?… Call us! 604-538-5101 or 1-800-661-3001 or CLICK HERE to send us an email.


The ‘Build Together’ Women of the Building Trades is a national Canadian Building Trades Union program that promotes, supports and mentors women in the skilled construction trades.

In Canada, women represent only 4% of the construction trade workforce. However, with programs such as Build Together, we are hoping that the female representation in the Trades will start to increase. Unfortunately, this number has remained stagnant for several years. But now is the time to change!

The Build Together campaign attributes the low presence of females in the construction industry a result of “A generational ‘passing of of the torch’ from father to son, creating an insular recruiting system.” With marketing being created to geared to recruit men. However… The Build Together Program is changing that!

The BuildTogetHER BC team held their annual general meeting in February and developed a year-long work plan aimed at advancing women in trades in the commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. Visit the news section for more.


Studies and industry reports show that a large population of skilled trade workers are gearing up for retirement. An estimated 300,000 new workers will need to be recruited from outside the construction industry over the next ten years to compensate for this gap.


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It takes the collaboration of a community to raise healthy, happy and well-adjusted children. Raising a family can be costly, sometimes a family’s financial situation can make providing essentials difficult and providing additional extra-curricular activities impossible. The LiUNA Local 1611 “Empowering Youth Project” was launched in 2018 to address these issues. Our initiatives are aimed to identify areas within a community needing assistance and look at how LiUNA Local 1611 can ease the burden and ensure that all children are being afforded the opportunities to develop, learn and thrive.


Years of budget cuts to public school funding have left classrooms without new and up-to-date reading material. As part of our Empowering Youth Project, LiUNA Local 1611 has donated thousands of dollars in ‘wish list’ literature to numerous schools throughout British Columbia. Hundreds of the latest and most desired book titles around the Province as part of our initiative.

Does your community need a helping hand? Call Membership Services at 604 538-6992 or CLICK HERE to email.



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